Custom Fabricated Structures (Catch Basins) HDPE Dual Wall Corrugated Pipe (SLCPP) Custom Fabricated Dual Wall Fittings Corrugated Single Wall Tubing and Fittings Edge Drain—Sock Wrapped and Plain Sumps / Basins / Lids

Poly Coated Steel Grating:

Custom Poly Coated Trench Drain (8” and 12”) Poly Coated Round Grating (sized to fit HDPE pipe) —Light, Medium, Heavy, Beehive, Animal, Birdcage Poly Coated Solid Steel Lid (sized to fit HDPE pipe) Square Frame w/Removable Grate (for concrete appl) End Section Bar Grates (for HDPE, RCP or CMP) CUSTOM FABRICATION UPON REQUEST

Sanitary and Septic Material:

Check Valves/Polyethylene Chamber Systems Floats/Alarms/Polyethylene Septic Tanks Zabel Filters and Grease Interceptors Pumps / Control Boxes / Dosing Chambers Polyethylene Pipe—Solid or Perforated Septic Fabric Material Grinder Pump Packages and Effluent Pump Packages Sand Filters